The First Salle D'Armes Bosco

The first Salle D'Armes Bosco was started in New Jersey in approximately 1975. Prior to that fencing was started in Brick, NJ in May 1968. It was a recreation program sponsered by the town and was very successful. In a few years we had some very good fencers. Two of our fencers, Rick Simone and Joann Potenza became the youngest C fencers in the state. Joann is still coaching in New Jersey. Another of our fencers won the Garden State Games in both foil and epee and, because of this, carried the torch at the ceremony. Two of our women foil fencers received fencing scholarships to Pennsylvania State University and fenced for their team for four years.

When my original students graduated from high school they wanted to continue fencing as a club and convinced me to rent a place and continue teaching them. Our first place was a small hunting lodge in the woods and later we shared a dance studio. Finally I rented a place full time and that was when the serious training started. The place was only 1000 square feet, but we used every bit of it.

Here is a picture of the old salle. It is in black and white because the camera was used for fencing pictures and there was no need for color.