Classes And Fees

At the Center fencing instruction and training is available at all levels in all three weapons, foil, epee, and saber. However, beginners will start with the basic weapon which is the foil. If you have never fenced before you will be given four beginner lessons to prepare you to enter the regularly scheduled classes

Beginning fencers are required to take four private lessons with Mr. Bosco in order to prepare them to integrate into the beginners class. These lessons consist of learning the basic footwork and bladework. The student will also learn the language of fencing and some of the history. When the four lessons are completed the fencer will have the skills necessary to join regular classes.

For students who would like to train with a friend or relative, we offer a set of five private lessons where students are taught as a pair.

It is very difficult to integrate students younger than 11 years old into a class containing adults and teenagers. However, these students can still take private lessons with a coach. These lessons will be tailored to the students age and ability. The lessons can continue until the student is strong and mature enough to join the regular classes. At that time the student can still continue with private lessons or opt to switch to classes only.

After completing the private beginner lessons, the student will be enrolled in the Novice program. This program runs continuously and teaches the basics of the sport in great detail. The object of this program is to bring the student to a firm intermediate level of proficiency. Most fencers will stay in this program for at least a year, depending on how many times a week they attend and how quickly they learn. It is possible that some students will feel comfortable at this level and will not wish to progress. There is no problem with this decision. After the first few months the student will be required to purchase a full set of equipment.

After the student has been in the program for a while testing will be administered upon the instructor's recommendation. After passing both tests the student is moved to the Advanced program. This is where competition training begins.

This program is only open to those fencers who have successfully advanced from the Novice Foil program and are interested in continuing training at a high level. The program will concentrate on the most advanced fencing skills and techniques. The training will include tactics and competition. Only serious students will be admitted into this program. It is in this program where epee and saber fencing is also introduced.

For those students who wish to advance more rapidly or desire individual attention, private lessons are available by appointment. The lessons will consist of a private session with Mr. Bosco for 20 to 30 minutes. Individual lessons are specifically tailored to the skills of the student. This makes them very effective. If the student intends to compete seriously, individual lessons are essential. Competitors will be given priority with lesson schedules.